Diviner PDS Archives

The Diviner Dataset is archived at the NASA Planetary Data System Geosciences Node. All archived reduced data records have been reprocessed to RDR Version 3.1, which includes new frames and instrument SPICE kernels, and updates to activity and quality flags.

  1. Data Products
  2. Archiving Schedule
  3. Archive Software Interface Specifications
    1. Archive Volume SIS - Documentation for the PDS archive tree.
    2. EDR SIS - Diviner Level 0 (Experiment Data Record or EDR) Software Interface Specification.
      Data file/label docs and details.
    3. RDR SIS - Diviner Level 1b (Reduced Data Record or RDR) Software Interface Specification.
      Data file/label docs and details.
    4. Diviner RDR Fields and Descriptions
  4. Sample RDR Files - Use the links below to download sample Diviner RDR data which we are providing to the public in advance of the first official PDS data release on March 15, 2010. The data were acquired during a 10-minute period starting December 15, 2009 at 23:50 UTC.
    1. RDR Label: 201003010000_RDR.LBL (9.7 KB)
    2. ASCII Table: 201003010000_RDR.TAB (289 MB)
    3. Zipped ASCII Table: 201003010000_RDR.ZIP (36 MB)

Digital maps, images, numerical data and other published results available to download.